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"Rob has helped DataWeb, Inc. on a variety of projects. He's written technical instructions and Help files for special online applications that we've developed for our clients. He has the ability to learn new technologies in a short time, and the writing skills to explain complex technical information in simple step-by-step instructions. Our clients have expressed a high degree of satisfaction in using Rob's instructions with our applications."

"Also, Rob has written several case studies for DataWeb. His case studies are well-written and well-organized, and focus specifically on how DataWeb's customers have benefitted from using our SaaS (Software as a Service) software to create their own web-based applications."

-- Rick Locke, CEO of DataWeb, Inc.

"Rob. You added so much to the content and personality of my book. I wouldn't have been such a great read without you."

-- Paul Casey, CEO of Casey Communications, Author of Is Self-Employment For You?

"Rob is a strong writer to the core. He commands all phases of the [article] writing process: story development, research, interviews, writing and rewriting. He has a knack for crafting compelling leads, and the ability to capture complex ideas in an easy-to-read style. Unlike many writers, Rob knows the difference between writing for print and writing for the Web. He's a master of succinctness, packing his articles with entry points (subheads, internal heads, bulleted lists), so that readers can scan or dig deep. Iíve managed several of his major writing projects, and he has always delivered good work on time."

-- Conrad Wesselhoeft, Senior Editorial Manager (fmr), Entellium, Inc.

"Rob Lindsay recently helped WCI, Inc. to update our Marketing Collateral, including technical documentation for all the [telecommunications] products we sell. In writing these documents, Rob did a great deal of research on the products we offer, and thus was able to produce the marketing language we needed. Rob is very detail-oriented, and always made sure he was providing us with exactly the type of top-quality writing we wanted. We are now a very happy customer, and our sales are improving thanks to our new and improved marketing materials."

-- Kyle Kelly, VP of Sales, WCI, Inc.

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