A ghostwriter writes a book or article for a client. The book or article is then published, in print or on the web, under the client's name.

I have experience ghostwriting books and articles (including magazine, trade journal, and blog articles), on a variety of subjects. It's a pleasure to ghostwrite books and articles that convey my client's wisdom and subject matter expertise to the readers who need it.

My clients often ask me, if I ghostwrite a book or article for them, is it dishonest for them to put their name on it as the author?

Not at all! The book or article contains your expertise, insights, ideas, and opinions. As a ghostwriter, I just help you to put your thoughts down in written words, so that a reader can read them. The wisdom in the book or article is yours, so you should receive due credit for it as the author of that wisdom.

I have no problem with the anonymity of ghostwriting. To quote the great 1930's movie actor Ralph Bellamy, "I always tell the producers, if I can't get the girl at the end of the movie, at least give me more money."


Why hire a freelance ghostwriter?

Everyone is an expert on something -- but not everyone can write well enough to convey that expertise to those who need it.

As a professional ghostwriter, I don't just write the words for you. I help you to decide what information is most crucial to the reader. I help you to organize the material in the book or article so the reader can easily read it. I help you to present and edit the material so the reader will get maximum benefit from the information. And I help you to find a publisher for your work, guiding you through the process of submitting it to magazines, trade journals, or book publishers.


What do I ghostwrite?

Just about anything. If you need a book, I can ghostwrite your autobiography, self-help, how-to, or business book. If you need an article, I can ghostwrite an article for a magazine, trade journal, online article database, or business blog.


Ghostwriting in the Internet age

Today's business authors and experts have more options for publishing than ever before, thanks to the World Wide Web.

For simple subjects, online blogs and e-newsletters provide an easy means to make your expertise available to a wide audience. Also, search engines like sites that have a regular stream of new content, so posting regular blog articles on your site can help you to rank higher in web searches.

Online articles are also an easy way to increase your reputation as an expert in your field. By posting these articles in online databases, you make yourself available to people who are looking for an expert in your particular field. Including a link at the end of the article to your web site will help to bring these people to your business.

If you have a more complex subject, an e-book may be the way to go. E-books can be anywhere from 10 to 250 pages in length. You can offer short e-books free on your web site. (Prospective customers will appreciate the free gift.) Or, if you think the advice you have to give is something people should pay for, you can offer your e-book for sale at an online publishing site.

But of course, as a busy executive, you may not have time to sit down and write a book or article. Or you may not have the writing skills to accurately express what you need to say. That's why it's a good idea to hire a freelance ghostwriter to do the job for you. It's still your business expertise -- but the ghostwriter helps you to choose the right words to say what you have to say.


Ghostwriting Samples

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