Blogs are very popular today, because they allow you to post weekly or monthly articles about subjects you care about. You can talk about the latest trends in your industry, give updates on new innovations or technologies, or just give good professional advice for those who might be interested in your services.

Blogs serve two useful purposes. First, when coupled by an email subscription, they allow you to keep in touch with your former customers, and hopefully to gain repeat business from them. Second, by regularly updating your blog with good content, you give your web page more entries on search engines, and help to increase your rankings in search results.

The key to a good blog is to give useful information – that is, information that your blog subscribers and potential customers can use. Also, it's a good idea to write your blogs using high-ranking search keywords to attract the search engine "bots."

A blog works best when it is written by an executive. But of course, business people are busy! If you and your executives, are too busy to write regular blog posts, it's a good idea to hire a writer to ghost-write articles for you.

Click on the following links to see samples of blog articles I have written. (NOTE: These samples are taken from blogs that are currently inactive.)


Floral Consulting Group Article (Text only)

Entellium Sales Article (Text only)



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