Unlike blog articles, a magazine or trade journal article is like an arrow aimed at a bullseye. When you publish an article in a business magazine or trade journal, you are targeting that article to readers in a specific industry or geographic area.

For example, if your firm specializes in cloud technologies, and you publish an article in ComputerWorld or IT Monthly, chances are it will be read by CTOs, CIOs, IT Directors, and other people who may be looking for cloud services.

If your company specializes in industrial plastics, and you've developed a new polyphenylsulfone resin that can be used in manufacturing commercial aircraft, you might publish an article about it in Aviation Week or Air Transport World, where it will be read by aviation industry executives.

I can help you with the writing of these articles, and with placing the articles for publication in the proper magazine, e-zine, or trade journal, where it has the best chance of being seen and read by your intended target audience

Click on the following links to see samples of articles I have written and/or ghost-written for clients in various industries.



"Businesses Rethink Data Storage on the Cloud"

I ghost-wrote the article at the link above for Sabey Data Centers. The article gives an overview of cloud services for bankers and real estate executives. It was published in the annual "Real Estate Market" issue of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, credited to John Ford, a VP at Sabey.



"Medical Affairs: From Info Gatekeeper to Legitimate Value Driver"

I ghost-wrote the above article for Cegedim, an international company that creates software and databases for the pharmaceutical industry. This article talks about the modern role of Medical Affairs, which is responsible for managing a pharmaceutical company's external relationships with doctors, patients, researchers, and government regulators. The article was published in Pharmaceutical Executive magazine, credited to Pierre Morgon, the CMO of Cedegim Group.



"Sharp Equipment Managers Use Decision Points"

Here's a link to an article about fleet vehicle management for construction companies. I ghost-wrote this article for Dexter + Chaney, a Seattle firm that creates software for the construction industry. The article was published in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, credited to Wayne Newitts, the Director of Marketing at Dexter + Chaney.

McKinstry/Salem-Keiser Schools Article (.PDF file)

I ghost-wrote the above article for McKinstry, Inc., a Seattle-area mechanical building contractor. The article focuses on the energy conservation efforts of one of McKinstry's clients, the Salem-Keizer School District in Salem, Oregon. It was published in the American School Board Journal, a trade journal for school administrators, and credited to Kay Baker, the superintendent of Salem-Keizer Schools.

Basepin Profile Article (.PDF file)

I wrote the above article (credited to me) for the May, 2009, issue of Seattle Business Monthly. It focuses on Basepin, Inc., a Seattle firm that specializes in project management software and solutions for the construction industry. (Sorry about the poor quality of the article scan.)


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